Generating Business for Advertisers and Affiliates
Through Digital Marketing Performance Solutions

Relevant Creativity Sustentability Passion

What We Do

We generate business. We have a sustained working proccess that allows your sales increase.
We work with clients all over the world - we have affiliates all over the world.
We focus on clients' sales! We have developed a platform that allows real time analysis of sales and continuous optimization.


Afilea is the affiliation network of Adclick. These are our roots.

Adclick History


We generate business for our clients with excellent profitability for our affiliates.
Afilea is a broker trully focused on clients' sales.

Afilea Process

Why Afilea

For advertisers

We focus on sales, not just lead generation.

Real Time Platform.

Allows - Lead generation, profiling, scoring, qualifying and sale.

Powerfull and diversified affiliate network.

Permanent personal contact.

No set-up costs. Advertisers only pay for results. We deal with all the rest.

For affiliates

Exclusive campaigns, high profitability.

Low invalidation rates. Transparency and quality based working process.

Real Time Platform.


For advertisers: [email protected]
For affiliates: [email protected]